domingo, abril 02, 2006

Page Not Found (Be Cool!)

I'm so hungry about some cold that I have not words to open the door of my mouth. So I try to think in front of this refrigerator and refresh my mind. I don't drink coffee, I prefer cold tea, orange juice or some milk. This kitchen put me on a kind of hypinosis, but I'm not afraid of it. I still strong like a ice stone! DON'T MOVE! - Something strange said to me. I accept and my eyes are petrifyed looking for a light. But... If I came in, I'll turn off the light? Yes, of course! All right, fuck off it all, I'll eat dinner and after sleep like a log with my head listening the souds of freezer. Yes, I realy will... Goodbye, cruel world! You are so much colder than my refrigerator!

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