quarta-feira, junho 07, 2006

I'm sick... I'm really sick

I just can't BREATH anymore
My nose was broked by an invisible glass-door
My tongue is DUMB
I wont SPEAK portuguese no more
I will speak loud in silence
Taking influences of the Influenza virU.S.
Fuck off the world cup! FUCK OFF the world cup!
People doing rain and suck all the soup
NOISE: shitt shitt shit shitt
Shut up TV!!! Look...
Goals not, go assholes around the clock
No time enough to make money
I saw the field on fire, a ball:
- It's from Mars or it's from Venus?
- A fall bacil of Cock, honey!
Big Father is watching you
Behind His beard close clouds
Open your eyes and smile to this Cam
The end?

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Angela Bures disse...

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